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十二月 9, 2008

if you know me, blogging doesn’t sound like something i’d do. a good amount of thoughts, ideas, or random imageries travel through my brain all the time. but i have never made it a habbit of writing them down. more foundamentally, i hate writing essays, which i’s prob the result of a combination of early rigid chinese education and my rebellious nature.  of course i have tried diaries and journals. sadly, they could never last long.

one thing i’ve tried with sylv was writing down at least three ppl or things happened that made  you happy or appreciate everyday before sleep. study says by ending your day on happy thoughts will help with mental health and general well being, makes you are a more loving person, and appreciate ppl and things around you more. whatever, it makes sense. her mom is a psychiatrist, she recommended that =) so we tried it out for a while. the hard part was to stick with it. then we got busy, of course. and you know what’s after that. but i still have the notebook with both of our notes. hehe. that will be fun to read when we get old.

blogging is something different. why blog?

for me, for now… i want it to be a place where i record my days and life; a place where i think, plan and reflect; a place to share my little discoveries of music, art, design, and film; a place that forces me to read more and be more connected to the bigger world; a place to share my work, maybe resulting some collaboration; a place that forces me to put down my thoughts in writing (hoping for some improvement in my writing skill also); what else… ye, and everyone else is doing it, haha. it’s the information era, might as well contribute a little ^^

alright, here it goes. let’s see how long this will last =P

note: i might post some semi-old stuff that i want to capture and share in the beginning…

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  1. 十二月 9, 2008 12:54 下午

    yay, another blog for me to stalk! now get a twitter account

  2. 十二月 9, 2008 1:09 下午

    I’m glad you got your own blog! I’m excited to see what you post and be more connected to chen-san! =)

    Also, I love wordpress. =)


  3. 十二月 9, 2008 4:35 下午

    when are you going to start taking text messages? do you know how much i wanted to text you when i saw the poop book? speaking of which, email me your address so i can send you a christmas gift


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