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i’m a goofy

十二月 11, 2008

i am onto one more thing that give me bruises – snowboarding. last sunday, jordan took me to snowboard at wachussets for the first time. bobby also came along. one word – ouch! falling on the snow covered slope was fine, but falling then kneeing onto that lumpy ice with small tree branches frozen in there then sled on it was PAINFUL! the ice was covered in snow on the side of the slope, it was stupid of me thinking that was just a small pile of puffy snow (that’s called wishful thinking).

other than that, snowboarding’s fun. i think the beginning is the hardest, at least many ppl i know of think the same, and many ppl quit after the first try. i think i have to overcome that painful falling stage to able to really enjoy the cold air pressed against my uncovered faces as i speed down some trails.

i watched some snowboarding videos on youtube. almost feel like i can do a 360 jump and slide on rails now. lol, again, wanted to run without even knowing how to walk. but it’s ok, i guess i will have something to look for at least. somehow, those videos made me think of the crazy taekwondo demo and sparring videos.  maybe it’s the powerful soundtrack, maybe it’s the vigorous movement, maybe it’s the similar love for the sport you can sense from ppl in the video.

look at this 6-yr old. she is not super good or anything, but she is only 6 (aka, cute). if she can do that, i should be able to. now i can say, “i want to ‘grow up’ just like her, haha.”

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  1. Jordan permalink
    十二月 11, 2008 1:27 下午

    Bring your knee pads next time 😛

  2. 十二月 11, 2008 4:46 下午

    lets go again next weekend. i hope jordan didn’t take care of your knee and butt too well.

  3. 十二月 12, 2008 12:41 上午

    i’ve never been snowboarding. maybe i should try it someday… =)

  4. becca permalink
    十二月 16, 2008 1:04 下午

    I’ll teach you how to snowboard! I like teaching people how to snowboard! I want to snowboard this season! Snowboarding definitely is very hard in the beginning. It took me two seasons of “lessons”. =X

  5. becca permalink
    十二月 16, 2008 9:13 下午

    Oh I didn’t realize you posted a video of Alexis Roland on your blog! She’s actually about 9 years old now and rides “professionally” on the Burton Smalls team. She’s gotten better since that video. I’ve actually met her before. She’s cute, but definitely has a bit of an attitude and is a bit arrogant (but, hey, she can back it up). Though, I did meet her when she was about 7. So perhaps she has changed.


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