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music videos

十二月 12, 2008

music videos are the invigorating art form that gives the most freedom, imagination and individual stylicstic way of video production. it’s also where video artists experiement with new ideas and techniques. it’s a source fountain of creative juices in the film industry. From the first frame to the last, it’s a blank canvas for any artist to show what they can do when let loose with a camera. the only contract u have to sign states the one purpose of the final result: have to promote the music.

that’s why being a music video director is one of my dream jobs =) FYI, i have a lot of dreams, but what i am doing right now isn’t any where close to any of them.

here are the singers i like, they all have their distinctive style in music videos. that’s what i call true artist.


almost no plot, simple concept, but just soak into my mind, deep.

so weird. but she is such a great performer.

Regina Spektor

so simple. extremely low budget. but just stuck with me.

this is a more complicated one

Faye Wong
one of the few chinese singers has a great individual style that is pushing and leading the whole industry in a great direction. love her!

ahhh. look like so much fun!

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  1. becca permalink
    十二月 16, 2008 1:17 下午

    Have you ever heard/seen the music video for the song “Typical” by the band MuteMath? So the whole music video was recorded backwards, and then they edited it to make it go forwards for the final music video. This means they had to learn all their musical parts backwards so that when the film was forwarded it would sound like the normal song. I think it’s pretty amazing that they learned all their parts backwards. That takes a lot of skill. This is probably one of my most favourite music videos.

    Here’s the link to the video:

    Here’s the link to a little clip about the making of the video and you can see them trying to learn their parts backwards:

    There’s also a link on YouTube of Mutemath performing this song backwards. Man, I just find this video so impressive.


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