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out of power

十二月 12, 2008

i left home for work a little bit late this morning. but when i got to work, the parking lot was only 1/4 full. my first thought was, that many ppl were laid off yesterday? yesterday was a depressing day for many ppl. ppl were talking in the hall way about bad news one after another. economy is bad, it definetly hit this big old tech company hard. the company is targeting 3,000 heads in 2009. the black list will go out Q1 09. it’s quite dark and gloomy in the office. well, i am still trying to organize a big xmas pot luck party in the office for 66 ppl…

anyways, back on track. if you have not heard,  hundreds of thousands of residents in NH, MN and VT are out of power as the ice storm  dropped trees and power lines all over the region last night. So many ppl weren’t able to get in the office today. and they don’t have power at home, school, businesses, and even no traffic lights. the number of outages are rising, and they may not be able to get power till sunday, when it gets warmer.

some of my coworkers from NH still made it, since they will not able to work at home without power. everyone is telling their interesting stories. some of them were woken up by loud sound of trees and power poles falling on the ground 3am in the morning. cool…

a busy day for fire department, must be: transformer explosions, wires and utility poles down and trees falling on homes. can u image what it’s like for those who just lost their jobs then the whole world went dark after that literally and figuratively.

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