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ashes of time 东邪西毒

十二月 15, 2008

ashes of time redux (2008) was released in the US theaters in Oct, 2008. i have not been following new theater releases. missed this one. but i have seen the original one in chinese a long time ago. this would be a great movie to watch during one of the taekwondo movie nights.

ashes of time ashes of time is the most classic and well made Hong Kong kung-fu movie you can find. directed by master filmmaker Wong Kar Wai, who is also one of my favorite directors. it took two years and 40 million dollars to produce and features virtually all the big names in Hong Kong entertainment world at the time.

also highly recommanded Wang Kar Wai films are:

* chungking express

* fallen angels

* days of being wild

* in the mood for love

* 2046 (a loose sequel to ‘days of being wild’ and ‘in the mood for love’)

i can go on for days on what i like about his work. but in short, it’s the mind blowing colors, perfect composition of each frame, camera work, framing of each scene, the luxuriance, thinking and rethinking, submerged passion and hidden desires, love and society, and its more-powerful-than-words strategic music.

my ‘red coffee bean’, a final project for a film class, was greatly inspired by his films.

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  1. 十二月 16, 2008 8:02 上午

    don’t forget 2046 and my blueberry nights

    • reneran permalink*
      十二月 16, 2008 10:51 上午

      i mentioned 2046. of course 2046 =) my blueberry nights is too american i think. didn’t give the same impression as others.

  2. 十二月 16, 2008 11:35 上午

    nice nice.

    i love your ‘red coffee bean’ video. =)
    it’s one of my favorites.


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