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year of the ox 我的本命年

一月 3, 2009

2009 is my year(本命年)- year of the ox.

i don’t particularly believe in chinese astrology, but have to admit that it’s indeed insteresting stuff.  本命年 comes every 12 years and is supposed to be the year brings you the bad luck. one way to protect oneself from the bad luck is to wear RED – red string on your wrist, neck, and (don’t laugh) red underwear. anyways, if i remembered it right, i didn’t get into a red madness 12 years ago, and it was quite a good year. hm… maybe keep my hair red this year will count =p

looking back year 2008, it has to be one of the most famous year in my book, marked by ‘changes, changes, changes’. here are the things to remember:

.: saw jet li in person at MIT. he came as a keynote speaker as a part of China in Development. i have not experienced that much excitement for a long time. i felt like a kid again.

.: disConnected won ‘best drama’ and ‘best use of mobile’ at Campus Movie Fest (MIT). it was a great fun working with Omar and Jenny.

.: i became finally became US citizen (the only bad aspect is that i have to get visa for china now), and followed election and voted for the first time. trevor bear is such a political activist.

.: travelled with mit tkd team to collegiate national at Stanford. this marked my last collegiate competition with mit (or most likely late one period).

.: had a great time with ziyan touring san francisco. conor was a great host, also met up with margaret.

.: got my 2nd degree black belt with john wong and anye li!

.: class 07 one year reunion. girls of 386 unite!

.: moved in with jordan. it was the hardest decision i made this year. i guess i marked myself with impulsiveness and spontaneity once again. but everything turned out to be good.

.: 2008 beijing olympics! one word: proud!

.: got my motorcycle license, and my first motorcycle – kawasaki ninja 250 (yellow & black).

.: major diet improvement, thanks to chef brayanov!

.: the words “OUR” and “WE” have replaced MY and I in many cases. becoming and understanding the ‘jonyush’ life style.

.: mochi (female puggle) came to our life after over ten years of longing for a puppy. she has ENFP personality, a carbon copy of jordan.

self-assured, and attentive, the puggle carries itself with a sort of cocky confidence yet has a friendly and sensitive nature… an excellent communicator…  very affecionate… demands great amount of attention… and quite a hearty appetite… rarely gets full and believes that more of just about anything is probably better. this can be a detriment to its weight, so you must monitor your puggle’s intake carefully…

.: first time on a caribbean island: st. lucia. an unforgettable week.

.: yushan and john’s engagement, followed by mine.

.: now we are buying a foreclosed property… and proudly becoming a first time house owner.

.: and i started this blog ^^

LIFE stands still sometimes, and sprints forward unexpectedly sometimes.

… (to be continued)

:: 2008 in review from jibjab ::

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  1. 一月 7, 2009 5:59 下午

    2008 was indeed a good year. winning with (dis)Connected and a few other things went missing from my list but I’m glad you included them and reminded me of them. =D

    good luck in 2009!

  2. Jenny permalink
    一月 7, 2009 7:56 下午

    Sounds like a good year, Rene. I enjoyed working with you & Omar too!


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