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year of the ox – new year resolution

一月 3, 2009

reflecting the past year and making new year resolutions are my favorite aspects of this holiday (of course we get those days off and some years i get to go back go china).

i had 6 or 8 resolutions for 2008. speaking of life needs improvements, hopes and goals, i might just had too many resolutions for one year. i can’t even remember all of them by now, but the main one was “try something new everyday”. my self assessment says “satisfactory”.

so 2009… after giving some thoughts, again, i came up with too many. i guess depending on how you group and word them, i can summarize them into 3.

*        learn/improve something in art/design everyday (it can be anything from photography, videography to traditional or digital art). and make something every weekend.

**      be more caring, loving, patient, modest, and passionate. connect with friends and family more, especially the ones in distance. take nothing for granted.

***    read more books =p

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  1. Jenny permalink
    一月 7, 2009 7:58 下午

    I thought every 12 years was supposed to be good luck…and reading is one of my resolutions too!


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