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illustrator – vector art

一月 7, 2009

by decoding one of my new year resolution, one of my goals is to be proficient in adobe creative suite. one advantage of working from home (due to the icy snow/rain) is i can work on several computers at a time (aka slack off at ‘work’). during my ‘lunch break’, i found this great Illustrator tutorial website:

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials – Best Of          [link]

scrolling down the page, i can’t help opening up the software (haven’t really used it for a while now) and smile. i want to try each style of vector art listed on the website, and try to make a series for each of my own.

i love these limited edition art toys. i don’t personally own any of them, they are kind of expensive to collect. but i absolutely admire them. check out kidrobot dunny [link].

you can find them in urban outfitters. a simple, soft and smooth vinyl, bunny shaped figure, carries endless creativity and fun.

mochi (our puggle puppy) was snoring on the bed and being naturally cute as alway, one idea just came to me – mochi is my subject ^^

here is what i did.


i am planning on keep making more of them as i am learning more in Illustrator. i will keep posting as i create.

i am naming this series

MOMO – the original series


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  1. 一月 7, 2009 5:53 下午

    You should make apparel out of these designs!


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