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house floor plan drawings

二月 16, 2009

i was going to post them after we close the deal. thanks to some legal document problems of the seller and the incompetence of seller’s real estate agent (whose name gives me headache everytime i heard it by now), the deal didn’t go through at the end. the seller bank cancel the deal so that they have more time plus less time pressure to work out the title issue. we will revisit the deal in March i guess.

at the mean time, i want to post the buiding drawings and floor plans i made using home designer suite.

house full view - back

full back view of the house and the nice deck on the back. two units in the attic are not shown, as i have not figured out how to make attics like the one in the house. and my heart is too sad to learn it right now.

house glass-view front

glass view from the front side of the house.


floor plan of the first floor. 3 descent sized bedrooms surrounding a big kitchen connect to a living room space.


floor plan of the second floor. three bedrooms again, surrounding a big kitchen. no seperate living room space, but there is deck outside.

too read about complications in the deal and our frastrations, you can visit bobby’s blog.

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  1. Rodney permalink
    五月 31, 2009 9:25 上午

    It looks very can I get this if I don’t have a credit card and am from different country.


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