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little research on airfares – interesting facts to know

二月 18, 2009

My fiance and I just started planning our around-the-world trip (Boston to Beijing to Sofia, Bulgaria and back to Boston), not just for fun, but also to meet each other’s families before the big day. We were thinking June would be a nice time. He won’t have school stuff for sure, and it’s not too hot yet in China.

Yesterday, my inner voice was telling me it’s about time to check out the airfare, and start planning the trip. good thing that i listened. I used my favorite travel site [], and the result was scary. The cheapest airfare was about $3K per person. It felt like I was just being robbed or something. Somehow, the airfare stat data charts were there anymore, or maybe i was blind. They normally show airfare trend depending on when you book the flights and when you are travelling.  

There are some many variables in airfare these days. So I did a simple research today and found this very useful site and video to share.

the video is here:

Some very interesting fact there indeed. Sad that there isn’t a graph for US to Asia. But I think it prob will be about the same as Europe with small different peaks around Chinese holidays. But US holidays will still be dominating factors of the peaks. And summer is always a hot season for travelling.

In our case, we should consider moving the days to May. Wow, it seems so close now, can’t wait! … just realized that Jordan won’t be able to test for his black belt in May and we will have to miss the spring banquet too… and who said this world is perfect???

also, 2009 is a different beast. With current economy situation, things might be quite different. First, consumer demand is week, airline will in turn lowerr their prices to fill those seats. Secondly, if the oil price stays low, airlines might pull back on surcharges and fare will drop too. So 2009 should be a good year to travel. There are could be lots of other travel related deals.

Here is a post for spring break tips:

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  1. sophlee permalink
    二月 18, 2009 11:01 下午

    did I see the word “fiance”??? Realllly? With Jordan?


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