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Nikon SB-400 AF Flash unit

二月 21, 2009

I have been dreaming for a flash unit for a while. As all professional photographic equipments, a flash unit is quite expensive too. Jordan has been on top of getting me a flash unit. He read many reviews on the internet, and surprised me with a Nikon SB-400 as valentine’s day gift by spending what a dozen roses would normally cost on that “special” day. that’s what i called a good functional valentine’s day gift =]

For detailed reviews, here is a good one:

Here is a good entry about DIY flash and lighting hacks (thanks to bobby).

These are some photos I took to compare the build-in flash on D90 and SB-400. you can judge them yourselves =]

This is jordan:

::with build-in flash::


::with SB-400::


here is mochi:

::with build-in flash::


::with SB-400 flash::


thanks jordan!


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  1. 二月 22, 2009 4:41 下午

    nice chen san. i think that was a pretty neat v-day gift for sure. 🙂


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