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Reasons Why I love Summer

六月 12, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance!!! Design Star!!! America’s Got Talent!

Rain and Sunshine! Love spontaneous and moody New-England summer weather.

I don’t need to water my garden everyday. My plants are just enjoying the mother nature as much as I do.

All the sports events… NBA finals! (Go Celtics!!!), World Cup, Olympics…

It takes much less time to get warmed up for Taekwondo… LOOOOVIIIIINGGG it, especially the drenched-in-sweat no-A/C workouts.

Summer travels, that’s if we have enough money and time. and get to see my parents and friends in China, maybe once every other from now on…

The five senses of nature… the smell after rain, the sound of birds singing, the sight of green and flower colors, the taste of summer watermelon, the feel of sand and sea water running through my toes. aaahhhh…

Watching Mochi hopping through tall grass and bushes like a cute bunny. and taking her to hikes. the season she can finally be less over-weight, haha.

Light and exciting wardrobe =)

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